When the kingmaker wants to be king

Marcus A.
3 min readJun 18, 2022


@KadariaAhmed raises a very important point in this interview.

Kadaria Ahmed asks Atiku why he has been unable to mentor any other protégé in his state, Adamawa, one of the poorest in Nigeria.

The interesting thing is, this is the same reason Tinubu would also make a horrible president. These men do not have the willingness (or the capacity) to build others to become like them. They only give enough to keep you dependent and returning for more.

These are people that only believe in handouts. Only giving you a little to eat each day. But never what you need to truly grow. Only what will keep you coming back tomorrow.

Atiku shares food, Tinubu shares food, Peter Obi shares laptops

That was the difference between Fashola & Tinubu’s impact on Lagos state. One focused on infrastructure and enabling businesses; the other prioritized his influence and power over the common man, using stomach infrastructure.

A frequent sight at Tinubu’s office in Victoria Island. People queuing up for handouts.

In my opinion, both approaches had their uses. Tinubu’s influence is not completely unearned. And I strongly doubt Fashola would have gotten away with some of his lofty Lagos projects without Tinubu’s social capital. But that’s exactly where Tinubu missed the mark with his ambition.

There were no effs given when Hurricane Fashola was governor of Lagos state

Yoruba people will say “afobaje kii joba” i.e. kingmakers do not become king. Tinubu’s attempts to subvert that truism has put him and his party in a very precarious position.

This tweet was deleted barely seconds after I liked it. Appaz the handle now campaigns for Tinubu/APC

Just imagine, if Tinubu had stepped on stage after Osinbajo’s rousing speech and then endorsed him (Yemi Osinbajo) for president… In one genius move he would have secured votes from “progressive” Southerners, and from Northerners who already believed PYO to be Buhari’s “chosen” candidate.

Nigerians were actually impressed with Yemi Osinbajo’s speech that night

Not to mention APC wouldn’t be in its current Muslim-Muslim ticket conundrum. Instead they would have Daddy G.O.’s support, alongside millions of Nigerian Christians worldwide. Jagaban would have secured his position in Nigerian history as a national kingmaker. Twice.

RCCG is one of the largest Nigerian Christian congregations, larger than the Seventh Day Adventist church in Nigeria

Instead the acclaimed political juggernaut is now in the uncomfortable position where he’s jostling for power with “awon omo inu e” (those he’s old enough to parent); putting decades of political goodwill, years of planning, and the hopes of many hangers-on at risk.

Practically everyone I know of that’s pushing a Tinubu candidacy has a personal stake in it. Some relative who’s banking on a political appointment in the proposed APC administration

All because our “afobaje” has decided that “emilokan”. Not exactly the play of someone who truly “knows the game”

Yours truly

Please don’t let these people play games with your life. Get your PVC today. Take back your power. Take back Nigeria.