Of Apple and Unknown Possibilities

Marcus A.
2 min readMar 15, 2023


Imagine a world without Apple; where only Microsoft made computers. There’d be no iPhone, and Windows UX would look a lot less interesting.

According to Steve Jobs, Microsoft copied the Windows GUI from Apple

Samsung would not have grown as big as it is today as it would not have learnt what it needed to make products targeted at the premium US market. Meaning we wouldn’t have the sleek Galaxy S23s we all love today.

In 2015, the courts ruled that Samsung did copy patented features of the iPhone

Most importantly, we wouldn’t know what we were missing.

Everyone would be content with their Nokias and Blackberry phones (arguing over which had the better physical QWERTY keypad); and Linux would probably be the most interesting alternative to Windows.

It’s the Johari Window of possibilities. You don’t know what is truly possible as you’re unaware of what you could have had. Like Nancy Pearcey once said, competition is always a good thing.

Competition is always a good thing

This is the same way the people of Lagos do not fully appreciate what they have missed out on by not having a single credible alternative to the APC in the last 24 years.

If Lagosians do not believe APC to be competent enough to continue to run the country, I doubt they believe the same set of people should continue running their state.

One thing is for sure, this is not the best Lagos can be.

It’s time for Lagos to consider an alternative to the uninspired and uninspiring incumbent. It’s time to realize the dream of a 21st Century African megacity.