My Pitch for Matrix IV

Marcus A.
2 min readJan 16, 2022


What if, instead of this monstrosity called Matrix Resurrections, Warner Bros had simply gone for a prequel TV series, showing how The Matrix came to be? Allow me to elaborate.

Instead of trying to continue a story that (for all intents and purposes) had been successfully wrapped up two decades earlier, why not look at what came before the first movie… a Matrix Origins if you will.

Give me the origin story for each of The Nebuchadnezzar’s crew members. Let’s follow each individual’s journey to discover the Matrix and watch them eventually meet Morpheus by the end of the first season. Sort of like Lost. Or Gotham. Or (and I’m just spitballing here), The Matrix.

We’d get to meet a much younger Trinity and Morpheus; watch them discover The Oracle and learn about the prophecy of “The One”. We’d see Morpheus begin his search for The One and make mistakes along the way. We could have him pick a wrong candidate (Neo was definitely not his first) and have his faith shaken, then subsequently restored. That wrong candidate could later become Cypher. That’s a story I’d love to see!

This also gives Warner Brothers the opportunity to play fan favourites with younger actors and revive the franchise without hurting the original trilogy. It’s also a chance to connect a younger audience to the larger Matrix franchise (Animatrix, Matrix Online, etc.) The possibilities are truly endless.

Unfortunately they decided to go with this mishmash of incomplete ideas and simply ruin the memory of what was while further distancing anyone who never really got on the train before.

Anyway, I’m just going to stay in the reality where the Matrix trilogy remains a trilogy. Resurrections is dead to me.